Passport for Black Cruises

If you want to travel on a cruise that visit a hot destination outside of the cournty you will need a passport.

You Need a Passport to board to:
  • Tom Joyner Cruise
  • Festival At Sea
  • Old-School-Cruise
  • Gay and Lesbian Cruise

So cruise that don't leave the country to far you can get away with, and some place arn't as strict about passport, but i would rather have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it.

To get a passport you must:
  • 1. complete the form DS-11
  • 2. Submit Proof of Citizenship
  • 3. Have some ID
  • 4. Have a passport photo "yeah you got to take your own"
  • 5. Pay the Fee
There are some place they can expediate the process.
So shop around!
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