Lez Rock the Boat Cruise 2015

Lez Rock Boat 2015 is an ultimate Halloween cruise that will be experienced for 8 consecutive nights bringing all the girls who want to have fun on spooky nights. This cruise will start on October 24, 2015 and will end on the 1st of November with the Caribbean Cruise. There are still no fixed price and payments are still subject to change. Rest assured that the cost is worth the experience that every girl would experience.

When is Lez Rock the Boat Cruise 2015

Oct 24 to Nov 1, 2015

Where is Lez Rock the Boat Cruise

Where to Stay for Lez Rock the Boat Cruise

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What to Expect at Lez Rock the Boat Cruise

Lez Rock the Boat Cruise
The cruise is exclusive for all the ladies from around the country. There will be complete accommodations that are offered to the female cruisers. Aside from that, there is a room service offered as well. There are also 400 international dishes with 24/7 food display available for cruisers who just love to eat. Everyone in the cruise will be enjoying the ambiance of the cruise ship not to mention the hospitable crews and staff aboard the State of the Art Cruise Ship.

Itinerary Events During the Cruise:

• There will be girls’ party and broadways shows every night.
• There will be free room service parties and karaoke sessions.
• There will be spectacular surprises for everyone.
• There will be meet and greet sessions.
• There is a Lobster and Shrimp night for everyone.

Places/Ports the Cruise will visit during the trip?
• Caribbean Cruise will depart from Manhattan 55th Street Ship Pier in New York and will invade and sail to Puerto Rico, Saint Thomas and Grand Turks.

Lez Rock the Boat Cruise 2015 is indeed offering the girls the luxury travel for a less amount. Rest assured that every new traveler will become a repeater after experiencing this cruise.

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